Stacey Lim

Stacey Lim

Design Specialist

Stacey Zaloom loves interior design. Real estate is in her blood - her Dad was a builder, Mom an agent, her one brother is an agent, the other brother is a network engineer (and we’re not sure where he came from!). She’s an avid skier, sometime yogi, and recovering taxi driver (for her children). 

She’s responsible for making sure everything looks perfect. From vendor management to staging, marketing or design. She’s among the best in architecture, advertising, and fashion. Together with our photographer, she creates just the right magic that the market is looking for.

She lives in an Edwardian home in Jordan Park with her husband, two teenagers, and her Austrian Shepherd Bogey. To their dismay, every room has been redone. Redone. And done again. Sometimes multiple times in one day. She’s also Chris’ only sister. So, she can always find him.


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