Shirley  Liang

Shirley Liang

Luxury Property Specialist

Shirley chose real estate or perhaps real estate chose Shirley, but not just any real estate, the cosmopolitan, diverse and gorgeous real estate that is in San Francisco. Whether it is a stately old Victorian residence or a luxury high-rise condo, Shirley knows what opportunities there are to be had in this highly competitive city by the bay.
She enjoys the complexities of the local real estate market and carefully follows its trends and quirks. Her clients have come to rely on her instincts when it comes to finding just the right home or investment property. She diligently hunts for the best deal and guides her clients by providing meaningful and accurate information.
San Francisco was a natural choice for Shirley, born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. Shirley’s international background left her well prepared for the international diversity of San Francisco. Whether it is searching out ethnic food, world-class entertainment or the perfect investment, Shirley has created real connections that help her clients live easier and better-informed lives. Shirley Liang chose Bay Real Estate Group, as the best firm to assist her clients; by having access to up-to-the-minute information, international connections, and local traditions.
She is fluent in reading, writing and speaking Mandarin, Taiwanese and English and stands ready to assist you with buying or selling your real property.


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