Michelle Balog

Michelle Balog

Founding Member

Michelle Balog loves Gucci. And planning dinner parties. And her miracle 7-year old son Lewis. She’s an author, Mom, USC Film School Alumni, and former photographer. You can spot her anywhere with her trademark long red hair, all black couture, and sky high-heels. Even on broker tour. She is constantly referred to as “the agent’s agent” because of her vast knowledge of disclosures, real estate law, and risk management.

Born in New Hampshire, you would never know by looking at her. At first glance, she’s always perfectly coiffed in designer clothes and sunglasses. But her New England roots are visible to the knowing. She’s honest (to a fault) with the highest level of integrity. And is always people-first. It’s been said before, they just don’t make ‘em like her anymore.

She’s half Greek, part OCD. 100% on time. She works 24/7 and is supported by her fabulous work-husband William who is her male clone. So now you get two for the price of one. He also doesn’t sleep so the coverage is literally around the clock. And no, he’s not a vampire. Her dream home - a Victorian multi-family home in Alameda - was made possible by finding the love of her life, her husband Lewis. When you have Michelle on your side, you don’t need anyone else.

She will call you, look out for you, and worry about you. Just like your Mom. You don’t need to pick up the phone and call her, because (look) she’s already texted you.


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