Lewis Phillips

Lewis Phillips

Luxury Property Specialist

Lewis B. Phillips is a Christie’s International luxury property specialist with over two decades of experience helping Bay Area residents make big investment and financial decisions that improve the quality of their lives and their overall net worth. Clients choose Lewis as their residential real estate agent for his real estate knowledge, talent with numbers, investment expertise, and his commitment to provide responsive, knowledgeable, and honest service to everyone.  

Those that work with Lewis can rely on his ability to truly listen to their needs and serve as a seasoned counselor throughout their real estate journey. As a former wealth advisor, Lewis has the knowledge required to help his clients make informed choices in buying and selling processes - including affordability, sell vs. rent decisions, tax implications, interest rate trends, loan options, and home market value.  

Lewis’s seller clients can rely on him to guide them through the tough financial decisions required to optimize their selling price and his buyer clients appreciate his ability to counsel them through finding the right home for them, understanding disclosures, home market value, loan options, and offer strategy. 

Currently residing in Alameda with his wife Michelle, son Lewis, and boxer Kane. He has been a Bay Area Resident for over 30 years and has deep knowledge and appreciation of the San Francisco Bay.


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