Jill Brotman

Jill Brotman

Luxury Property Specialist

Jill Brotman recognizes a home as more than just a dwelling; it's a sanctuary, a canvas where life stories unfold. She takes great pride in guiding her clients as they embark on the exciting journey of writing their next chapter.

Jill's journey into real estate began after studying communications at Arizona State University. Working as part of a market research team for a national developer in Phoenix, she found her passion, fueled by a childhood spent watching her father construct homes.

Drawing from personal experiences in buying and selling homes, Jill aspires to be the real estate professional she wished she'd had – a trusted partner who listens, a proactive problem solver, and a knowledgeable resource empowering clients throughout their real estate journey.

Change is something Jill embraces. As a proud homeowner, she's designed, built, renovated, and landscaped properties. With an extensive network, Jill connects clients with industry professionals for any post-close home projects.

Beyond real estate, Jill treasures moments with her family, especially her three adult children. Life lessons from her 90-year-old mother enrich these gatherings. When not caring for family or clients, Jill enjoys cycling and exploring Pacific Heights and beyond with her mini Goldendoodle, Riley.
With dual licenses in CA and IL,  Jill has a vast network of top tier realtors  in the US and abroad.


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