Chris Lim

Chris Lim

Luxury Sales Professional

Chris Lim loves real estate and architecture and interior design. Real estate is in his blood, his Dad was a builder, Mom an agent, sister an interior designer. He loves every part of the real estate transaction, from marketing to negotiating, to contracts, to open houses. He’s half Korean, half Polish. 100% x. He’s helped build over $xB in equity for his clients. Yup, you read that right.
The majority of his clients have used him more than once. He’s got an Airstream, golf cart, and 2 bikes. And, a prized Landy Defender. His dream home, a rare mid-century Eichler was only possible by the equity from 4 previous home purchases. The first being a 450-square-foot studio that he flipped in 2004. He’s got over 13 investment properties from a parking spot to Tiny Home, micro-resort to land, new construction condos to x. He’s built and sold a real estate company and ran a global network. But finds joy in helping clients buy and sell the American Dream.
He’s got a warehouse of staging, which houses his collection of mid-century furniture. Ready to go for his next listing. He speaks poor Spanish, worse French. But excellent Jersey. He believes real estate is an asset class. And can build generational wealth.
With over 1,000 homes sold since 2002, he can help you too. Many of his clients have worked with him at least twice, some as many as 8. He picks up his phone within 3 rings. He still does. Just call and find out.


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